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Death Anniversary Of Tran Hung Dao Saigon Culture

Death Anniversary Of Tran Hung Dao

Tran Hung Dao was a Vietnamese Grand Commander-in-Chief in the 18th century and was said to be one of the very few generals in history to have never lost a battle or war under his command. buy online essays 143″ alt=”" width=”450″ height=”330″ /> Every year on the 20th day of the 8th lunar month, [...] Read more >>
Anniversary of the death of the Hung Kings Saigon Culture

Anniversary of the death of the Hung Kings

Vietnamese people have acknowledged a common ancestor: Lạc Long Quân, Âu Cơ and Hùng Vương; they are not the ancestors of a line of descent but are the ancestors of a nation, a country. Their death anniversary, called “Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương”, is held on the 10th day of the third lunar month in Hùng [...] Read more >>
Nghia An Hoi Quan Festival Saigon Culture

Nghia An Hoi Quan Festival

Nghia An Hoi Pagoda, situated at 678 Nguyen Trai St., in District 5, is dedicated to Quan Cong, an eminent Chinese man, and other spirits. 172″ alt=”" width=”450″ height=”300″ /> Duration of festival : 15th of the 1st lunar month and 24th of the 6th lunar month super spyware Every year, the Hoa people, numerous [...] Read more >>
Cai Luong - Vietnam Opera Saigon Culture

Cai Luong – Vietnam Opera

Cải Lương (reformed opera) or also known as Vietnamese renovated opera is a type of theatre that was developed in the early 20th century. Cai Luong  is more popular in the south of the country, and is the most modern of the three forms of Vietnamese opera. Similar to European comic opera, it is lighter [...] Read more >>