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SaiGon Fresh Spring Roll Saigon Cuisine

SaiGon Fresh Spring Roll

Fresh spring roll is a novel dish but incredibly delicious. It will help you stay away from fat or cholesterol. 09″ alt=”" width=”450″ height=”341″ /> It is also interesting to make, simply a do-it- yourself-dish. Your mission is to prepare all necessary ingredients, namely rice paper, boiled shrimp, boiled pork, cooked vermicelli noodles, fresh bean [...] Read more >>
Com Tam SaiGon Saigon Cuisine

Com Tam SaiGon

Nobody knows when and who created Com Tam (Mean: Broken Rice). Com Tam is a special kind of rice which you can only say “This is delicious” when you are eating in Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City). 168″ alt=”" width=”450″ height=”333″ /> This dish is an integral part of life in Ho Chi Minh [...] Read more >>
Banh Tet - South taste Saigon Cuisine

Banh Tet – South taste

Bánh tét are traditional to and most popular in southern Vietnam. Bánh tét is a must have traditional food in Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It demonstrates the importance of rice in the Vietnamese culture as well historical value. cell phone provider lookup 13″ alt=”" width=”400″ height=”300″ /> Bánh tét are traditional to and most popular [...] Read more >>
Baked Chicken Egg Saigon Cuisine

Baked Chicken Egg

It was long thougth that egg only can eaten raw, fried or boiled, but now in Cho Lon sell baked egg as Thai Style. 155″ alt=”" width=”400″ height=”269″ /> And to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to discover this strange food in a kiosk on Tran Hung Dao B street, near Cho Lon market. Due [...] Read more >>
SaiGon Bread Saigon Cuisine

SaiGon Bread

Bread has been reached to Saigon by the French since 1958 and the very first kind is French-styled bread. Originally a Western food, bread has been much modified in order to satisfy the taste of the Vietnamese. Nowadays, this fast food is very popular in Vietnam. paper writer 230″ alt=”" width=”400″ height=”259″ /> Saigon bread [...] Read more >>