SaiGon Bread

Bread has been reached to Saigon by the French since 1958 and the very first kind is French-styled bread. Originally a Western food, bread has been much modified in order to satisfy the taste of the Vietnamese. Nowadays, this fast food is very popular in Vietnam.

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Saigon bread is normally long-shaped with crunchy crust, soft and solid crumb. Different from many other kinds of bread, light salty butter addition is an important process of cooking recipe so Saigon bread is itself very sweet-smelling.

Pork pie, pate, grilled pork, few slices of cucumber, onion, coriander are harmoniously arranged inside the bread. Finally, the seller adds a bit sauce and chili. Woa, it is ready to enjoy!!!

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Saigon bread is quite cheap, it normally costs 1US$ per each. After school, after work or whenever you are finding snack to satisfy your stomach temporarily, bread is really a wise choice. Remember, this popular food is widely sought along Nguyen Dinh Chieu str., Pasteur str.