Baked Chicken Egg

It was long thougth that egg only can eaten raw, fried or boiled, but now in Cho Lon sell baked egg as Thai Style.

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And to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to discover this strange food in a kiosk on Tran Hung Dao B street, near Cho Lon market. Due to small area and lack of packing space, the vendor suggested me of taking away. However, after mentioning that it would be less delicious, I was allowed to sit together with some other customers. They are all Hong Bang university students, coming here once a week to… foster themselves.

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After removing the egg shell, an amazing blue-coloured egg appeared in front of my eyes. More strangely, the inside layer is light black instead of red as usual. Flagrant knotwed is inevitable because the acrid taste of this vegetable is well in harmony with the greasy taste of baked egg. “Boring a small hole on egg shell and adding some additives of salt, pepper and honey. After that, shaking well and baking it over fire. Regarding to baking recipe, I am afraid I cannot tell you”, said the vendor. This food is tasty and quite cheap. It is really worth to try!